DIY – How to Hack your own Solar RC Car!

DIY - How to Hack your own Solar RC Car!

When it comes to building your own gadgets, nothing is better than a solar powered RC Car!

Of course, it only “charges” using solar cells, but this solar movement is helped greatly by DIYs like this.

Great job!

A rc car with two solar panels strapped up top for charging power. (Sorry no images) video coming soon. This is my first Instructable so be as honest as you can be

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2 Responses to DIY – How to Hack your own Solar RC Car!

  1. john kdrew says:

    This is FANTASTIC – we need so little room really to harvest solar energy – just the confidence to back this new (well actually very old!) energy source.. How clever to do it for these cars :_) We can all help to make wise climate change resource decisions – read the emergency triage response to current climate change crises at

  2. yes, neat idea. just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune

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