Quiksilver The Ray Eco-Friendly Watch!

Quiksilver The Ray Watch!


Quicksilver introduces the world’s first eco-friendly watch through carbon-footprint-saving shipping methods (basically ship not air) and recyclable materials.  It looks pretty good in my opinion, I might have to get one soon.

Quiksilver is introducing the world’s first eco-friendly timepiece, a watch that has been designed to not only be built from recyclable materials but also do so with a minimal carbon footprint. Quiksilver does this by using sea shipping rather than airplanes and also optimized the watch’s packaging which has saved 30% of CO2 emissions. The hand-built watch itself is constructed from wood, stainless steel, aluminum, mineral glass and features a 27 jewel automatic movement – all of which is 86% recyclable. Available in a limited run of 1000 pieces. Video after the jump. Link: $500

via techfresh, acquiremag, Product Page

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