Microsoft Ultimate Office for $59.95 and We Think It’s Garbage!

Microsoft Ultimate Office for $59.95 and We Think It\'s Garbage!

Microsoft Ultimate Office is supposedly being sold for $59.95 for a limited time only.

We think this is just another horrible act by Microsoft to make money off their outdated software before everyone starts realizing that most of Microsoft’s software can be now replicated by Google Docs or other free software.

But if you do need MS Office, you can get one for $59.95.

REDMOND, Wash. — Aug. 21, 2008 — As part of Microsoft Corp.’s commitment to education, the company is re-introducing The Ultimate Steal program this school year, inviting students who are actively enrolled at educational institutions to purchase Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 at a low student price of $59.95 (U.S.). This program begins in the United States today with additional countries to be launched throughout the year. The offer will be available to students throughout the academic school year.

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