M2E Kinetic Re-Charge Technology!

M2E Kinetic Re-Charge Technology!

You’ve seen those new type of flashlights that will re-charge simply by “wacking” it.  Now, here’s a company that will take that concept further so you can re-charge your batteries simply through motion.

If you take a bus or simply walk a lot on your way to work, this type of re-charging device will be great at re-charging your batteries for free.  (at least you have to walk anyways)

With the M2E Power, this device is able to juice up your favorite devices on the go simply by relying on Faraday’s principal – “wherein energy is produced from the motion of a magnet passing through a coil”. Guess cell phones (and other portable electronics) that use this technology will be able to convert kinetic energy into talktime, or at least more battery power for you to enjoy your favorite MP3s and videos on it a little bit longer.

via ubergizmo, M2epower

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