DIY – How to Hack a USB Laser Air Purifier!


Check out this cool DIY on how to make your own USB Laser air purifier.  I guess lasers can clean the air  pretty good huh?

I’d like to see this DIY with green lasers though, maybe that will be even more powerful.

Laser can refresh your air by kill the bad bacteria and fungus in the air.You can make a cool lamp too. All with the usb power.

via wonderhowto

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  1. TRB says:

    Okay now….. can someone explain the scientific reasonings behind how the outside air is impacted by the laser revolutions?
    Granted, laser emitted light can produce gamma rays to some extent and these gamma rays could produce “free electrons” but I thought that typically these types of “free-electrons” generated from such light would require a passage through some level of a magnetic field which would in turn produce energized free electrons which could then be/required to captured (normally by means of optics) to create an “optic cavity”.. this would inturn have a positi ve effect on the electron mass and disapproportioned chemical makeup (aka dirty air) to neutralize and stablilize the electron makeup in the air that is being penetrated (aka… create clean air)….
    What am I missing?

    Maybe a qualude? 🙂

    Just curious…..

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