Dry Water Jet Massager for $29,500!

If you ever been to Las Vegas or any other resort-area, you will have noticed these Dry Water Massagers in the malls.

Well, now you can get one of these cool massage machines right in your home for just $29,500.

Sounds expensive?

Yes, it surely is but for the best personal massage in the world without a real human massager, this might be your best bet at saving your back.

The Dry Water Jet Massager.
Used at five-star resort spas, this device provides a full-body water jet massage without getting you wet, and uses aromatherapy, relaxing audio, and video to soothe your tactile, olfactory, auditory, and optical senses. While your head rests comfortably on a headrest outside of the unit, 28 nozzles inside the canopy deliver precise, invigorating streams of water that replicate the principles of shiatsu, or “finger pressure” massage, as they strike the pliable polymer sheet that provides a waterproof barrier between you and the nozzles (allowing use while completely clothed).

via uncrate, Product Page

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