iPhone 3G Slow in Real Life – I Told You So!

iPhone 3G Slow in Real Life - I Told You So!


I hate to be the one telling you this, especially if you own an iPhone 3G already, but it’s SLOW!

No matter how fast AT&T’s 3G network becomes, that will not change how fast the iPhone 3G runs as the iPhone 3G was never intended to run that fast.

Apple, however, did an amazing job of photoshopping their advertising to “fool” consumers.

But don’t forget the fact that the iPhone does still come out as the winner for the best mobile browser with YouTube support.  That’s one thing that might persuade consumers to buy but definitely not speed or the slow AT&T 3G network.

It’s plainly obvious all commercials exaggerate the greatness of their devices. And a YouTube user has produced a rather amusing (and well done, I must say) video to demonstrate that Apple’s iPhone 3G commercial is no exception.

via techeblog, wired

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