EcoJohn – Eco Toilet Incinerates your Poop!

Eco Toilet Incinerates your Poop!

This has to be the coolest eco-frienldy device for taking a dump.  It’s an Eco Toilet that works by incinerating your poop to white powder.  Even better, the incinerated poop can be used for adding nutrition to your plants.

With the Eco Toilet in the works, we will no longer need long septic pipes to our houses, just one little toilet that does the job for you.

Of course, I have not tested this unit.  The only thing I am afraid of is the fact that it’s going to smell somewhat like burnt poop somewhere along the line but perhaps I might be wrong on this.

The toilets, one of several waste disposal products offered by the company, operate pretty much like the units found in homes across America today. But while those toilets use water to carry waste away, the EcoJohn Sr. is equipped with a propane-fueled burner.

After a user does his business, he closes the lid and a large, screw-like auger turns and carries the waste to the burn chamber where the propane burner then bakes urine, feces and paper into ashes.

“With this, if you have a family of four for a year and half, you get about a cup of white ash,” company president Frank Jacobsonsaid. “And because it’s burnt so intensely, you can take it and put it in a flower bed or outside or just dump it in the trash can. It’s completely biodegradable, so there’s not a problem for disposal.”

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  1. Navin says:

    I’ve seen one of this incinerator on my Aunt’s house. They are super cool.

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