Recycle-Themed Backpack

Recycle-Themed Backpack

Here’s a funny backpack that might have bystanders stuffing it with recyclable cans and plastic bottles thinking you are a garbage man/woman.  I do really like the big sign though, you can’t miss it.

The “Big Kid Eco Pack” is a sturdy backpack created with nylon that is entirely constructed from recycled plastic drinking bottles. The trim is naturally biodegradable canvas.

According to the website: “Each of these packs keeps seven 16oz bottles out of the environment. Big enough to hold books, notebooks, lunch and a pair of sneakers.” We suspect that comic books, video games and assorted non-educational items will fit in there nicely as well.

via keetsa, greendaily, product page

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    What a great idea and so well executed. Great way to spread the word too.

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