iPhone 3G Too Slow!

iPhone 3G Too Slow!

As predicted, the iPhone 3G remains to be still too slow most internet applications.  Perhaps consumers are remedying their poor iPhone 3G insecurities with Wi-Fi access.

That’s not good enough for me to buy an iPhone yet.  I plan to wait couple more years when they have iPhones available on CDMA network.  (or WiMAX when it’s available)

For those poor fellas who have bought the hype and the iPhone 3G, you can now send a letter to Steve Jobs telling him how you have been “HAD” by Apple.

Perhaps, it’s the chip or it’s the network.  Whatever it is, Apple has really stole a lot of money from consumers.

AT&T has stated that problems are not on their end in the US, and European countries also stated that they’ve seen slowness with the iPhone on their network where every other phone was fine. Forums everywhere have been complaining about lousy reception compared to other phones in their network—even in Japan—which secures that it’s a hardware issue. Our guess is that Apple will somewhere down the line either run an update to the protocol stack via an upgrade, or quietly swap out the chipset for a more mature one that may or may not be made by Infineon.

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  1. It’s really slow but not as bad as the AT& T blackerry bold.I will stick to my Nokia N96.

  2. Webologist says:

    I am having the same problem with my Google G1 on 3G. In the shop it was fast, and I am sure that it was on 3G and not wi-fi in store, but on the street in London, which is supposedly a good area, it is too slow to allow me to blog. Very frustrating. I do feel like I have been conned.

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