Braille Karaoke Allows Blind People To Sing!

Braille Karaoke Allows Blind People To Sing!

I wouldn’t have guessed it but here’s a cool gadget for blind people.  It’s a braille that will allow blind people to read the lyrics and sing along with others.

Of course, this might be great for other things like watching TV and more.  We will have to wait and see what kind of cool new gadgets that can arise from this.

You can enjoy KARAOKE using our Braille display with SEIKA! Lyric synchronizes with Braille and it will appear on the display with a KARAOKE melody. You can sing together in harmony when connected with other SEIKAS.

It includes sample KARAOKE music, but you can increase your KARAOKE music repertoire as you like. We can give you software which helps you, so that you can do it yourself. You can then enjoy your own Braille KARAOKE System in your own home, with your friends!!

via ohgizmo, gearlog, Product Page

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