DIY Lego Case Mod PC!

PC with Lego Case!


Wow, who would’ve thought you could make a Lego PC?

Most things worked out amazingly well, like the ATX power switches fitting perfectly snug in the space of a 1×1 brick, and the LEDs fitting perfectly in a 1×1 brick with hole. I hot glued a 1×1 brick to the power and reset switches to act as buttons. I also put a dab of hot glue on each corner of the ATX I/O plate, which was just a little too small to fit snugly.

I also realized that I underestimated the cohesive strength of Lego bricks. When I first put the top on, I couldn’t get it off! I had to add a nearly complete border of flat plates from my spare parts to get it to detach easily.

via crave, tfvlue

4 Responses to DIY Lego Case Mod PC!

  1. Wolf says:

    My god, this is one of the most original case mods I’ve ever seen, not to mention the finished product looks awesome as well.

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  3. weemanm says:

    how many pieces did you need
    plz replay

  4. weemanm says:

    how many pieces did you need
    plz replay

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