$15,000 Diamond-Studded iPhone Case!

$15,000 Diamond-Studded iPhone Case!

If you couldn’t get more ridiculous, here’s the $15,000 diamond-studded iPhone case for all you uber-filthy-rich snobs who need to show off your wealth.  Just make sure to keep it hidden from public view at all times if you don’t want thieves snatching your iPhone case.  Better yet, protect it with your life, get a gun along with it. (if you live in America that is)

“This case is yet another step we are taking to help the Noreve brand become one of the most unique and recognized case manufacturers in the world,” said Sam Brust, vice president of sales for NoreveUSA. “We look forward to working with additional types of precious stones in our future designs.” The case is available in the color of your choice for precisely $14,990.

via bornrich, tmcnet

2 Responses to $15,000 Diamond-Studded iPhone Case!

  1. jf says:

    If you’re rich enough to afford this, are you really going to care about a few scratches on your iPhone or would you just buy a new one?…

  2. kutas says:

    i like liking smelly ass chowder. i agree. Ipnone big piming. lick all you have. if dimond studded, lick extra cnowder…..

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