Special Coating makes your Gadgets and Cellphones Waterproof!

Special Coating makes your Gadgets and Cellphones Waterproof!

WOw, here’s some new coating technology that’s going to be available soon to protect all your gadgets from water.

Of course, most of the time, your gadget will do fine even after water-submersion, but this coat pretty much makes your gadget water-resistant for hours!

I am not going to explain it, it’s probably better if you watched the video here.

Golden Shellback coating has an excellent ability to repel oils, synthetic fluids, hazardous materials, dust, dirt and water based solutions. Low surface tension values, such as water and oils will bead and drain freely from coated surfaces. The process produces a uniform, continuous, near hermetic coating that resists rain and humidity. Electronics casually exposed to water continue to work even after exposure. The coating is readily applied and not generally considered to be removable. Repairs are made using abrasive methods.

via gizmodo, popgadget

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