QingBar MP101 Mini Projector iPhone & iPod Touch Dock!

QingBar MP101 Mini Projector iPhone & iPod Touch Dock!

Here’s a cool projector for your iPhone and iPod Touch devices.  This projector will project between 15 to 27 inches of your iPhone/iPod Touch display onto a wall.

While the 640×480 image resolution is understandable, the ANSI brightness rating is a less-than-stellar 10-15 lumens, and you’re looking at a contrast ratio of just 200:1. So while it’s able to project an image that’s roughly 15 to 27 inches in size, don’t expect a similar visual experience as you get from your local digitally-equipped movie theater. The dock also features a mini AV jack allowing you to connect other devices as well as a set of 2W speakers for stereo sound. Unfortunately I have no idea if this thing is currently available, when it might be available, or what it will cost.

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  1. You can buy one of this at our website : http://www.genie-sys.com.

    It’s already selling at USD299. You can contact me if your are interested in becoming our distributor.

  2. max says:

    You should start an affiliate program for this.

  3. I says:

    Hi wei leong, I’m interested at one of this gadget. I checked the website, it does have the projector but is not a QingBar MP101. Do you know where can I get it?

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