DIY – How to Tint/Glaze your Windows for Privacy under $20!

DIY - How to Tint/Glaze your Windows for Privacy under $20!

Whereever you live, you might wonder how you can add more privacy to your blind-less windows without spending a bunch of money.  You can get the acrylic glaze paint, which is really for walls but when you apply it to windows, you get a nice “glazy” windows as shown above.

Besides being cheap, this solution is also easily reversible simply by scraping off the glaze when you need to.

Why glaze? When you paint acrylic wall glaze that people use to apply tinted accents to their walls on glass it dries as a milky opaque film. Whatever pattern you brush, sponge, or roll onto the glass with the glaze stays there. To remove it all you need to do is scrape it with a stiff object like a credit card and it will flake off. If you want to remove it without the flakes you can wet it with a sponge first and after a few minutes you can peel it off like plastic sheet (even if it doesn’t come off as one big sheet, you can peel it easily in big strips). A full size glass sliding door in an old apartment was the first time I experimented with using acrylic glaze for privacy, when it came time to move out I was able to restore the sliding door to it’s previous state in a matter of minutes.

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