Toyota’s Segway Killer – The Toyota Winglet!


Check out this cool Toyota Winglet, pretty much a miniture-version of the Segway.  This Winglet might do really well since it’s smaller and perhaps cheaper than Segway.

Winglet is powered by an electric motor, these Winglets are capable of up to 3.73mph or 6km/h for up to 6.2 miles or 10km in the case of the L or M models, or half that in the case of the smaller S version.  You control the Winglet by leaning in the direction you wish to move.  The Toyota Winglet takes an hour to fully recharge.

Toyota is planning to start consumer testing at the Central Japan International Airport later this Fall of 2008, before graduating onto increasingly crowded environments sometime in 2009.  Unlike some of the company’s earlier (and more bizarre looking) personal transporters, the Winglet is actually expected to go into production in 2010.

via toyota-winglet

See Toyota Press Release on the Winglet

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