Memcached, MediaWiki, and MySQL for optimizing Database

Memcached, MediaWiki, and MySQL for optimizing Database

Today, I saw that Hackszine’s Jason Striegel has postsed a blog post about Memcached and MySQL.

Well, basically Memcached is an open-source software for your web server that allows you to cache almost any MySQL query.

In other words, it caches your MySQL queries.  But to do this, you do need to check the Memcached cache before doing the actual MySQL query.

So what’s the point?

Well, certain Wiki softwares like MediaWiki already comes with built-in support for Memcached.  I have used a similar strategy for one of my custom sites,

Memcached is also designed for server-farming, meaning you are only limited by number of servers and gigs of ram.

Unlike PHP accelerators, Memcache is really a database cache, thus can give you some extra performance if you implement it right.

Now if the developers at WordPress started implementing Memcache, that’d do a lot of good for bloggers.

That said, if you want to explore Memcached, you can check out Jason post over at Hackszine.

For MediaWiki implementations, you will have to digg a little deeper. (You can start here)  You can buy this book called Wiki Professional.

Other Resources:

Memcached Official Website

Strategies for Using Memcached and MySQL Better Together
Memcached and MySQL tutorial (PDF)

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