DRS-1100 is a Black box for your car!

DRS-1100 is a Black box for your car!


(Video of DRS-1100 recordings)

Check out this DRS-1100 Driver recording system for your car.  Basically, it’s a black box for your car to record your driving in case of accidents and insurance disputes.

I personally do think this is a great idea to protect against any kind of prejudice by cops or even for solid evidence if your car gets hit.

I can recall countless times where other people crash into my car, yet I cannot prove it in words or pictures.  This will definitely help insurance companies better at finding out who caused the accident.

Having a Vehicle-Mounted, Incident Recording System like the DRS-1100, installed in your car, would provide investigators with a highly accurate record of the events surrounding an accident. Investigators would be able to actually see, frame by frame, the events leading up to and including the actual collision or mishap, and in most cases even the moments following the actual impact. This type of collective data would contribute a much more accurate and scientific analysis of the events surrounding an accident. This is no longer science fiction. You can own a Driver recording System today.

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3 Responses to DRS-1100 is a Black box for your car!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    You are right. From both the police requirements and the insurance requirements, this is a Godsend.

  2. Christopher Gradwell says:

    Are you intending to buy one and where from? I am a supplier in England. chris@checkdrive.co.uk

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