Video of A380 Airplane Taking Off

Here’s a cool video of the A380 taking off. (See this post for what an A380 looks like inside)

I can’t wait to get a seat in one of these airplanes.

The cam feed can be shown on the seat-back displays and gives you an almost Superman-like view of the aircraft from 79-feet up at the top of the tail. It’s pretty amazing watching the behemoth aircraft surge slowly down the runway and into the air… and there’s another vid, showing it landing in to SFO as part of the recent Emirates tour.

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2 Responses to Video of A380 Airplane Taking Off

  1. Gareth says:

    I saw the Airbus fly at Goodwood last month. The thing that really impressed me the most was the sound. It was so quiet, almost whistling through the air.

    It’s designed that way, isn’t it? There’s all this talk that airplanes wake people up (whether they know it or not) so this should put that to bed (if you pardon the pun!)

    I can’t wait to fly with it – just want to see what’s next though!

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