SevenEleven Style Hot Dog Grill Roller!

SevenEleven Style Hot Dog Grill Roller!

If you have a nice grill, you might want to consider getting this cool Hot Dog Grill Roller which will allow you to make hot dogs just like the ones at SevenEleven.

Get full-flavor, evenly cooked hot dogs without the hassle of tedious hand turning. Our Automatic Hot Dog Grill Roller rotates up to 5 hot dogs or sausages continuously to ensure even cooking — just like at the ballpark. Stainless steel construction with 6 activated rollers. Disassembles for easy cleaning. Powered by 4 AA batteries, not included.

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One Response to SevenEleven Style Hot Dog Grill Roller!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    It will however take the fun out of a manually turned and unevenly charred sausage!

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