Waboba Ball – Water-Bouncing Ball!

Here’s a really cool ball that can bounce on water.  What’s up with the music?  They really need to change the music if they want to increase sales.

The Waboba ball, which is about the size of a golf ball, has taken off around the world after videos were posted on YouTube.

Made of a combination of plastics with a lycra coating, it is described as having the consistency of a breast implant.

via maketelegraph

3 Responses to Waboba Ball – Water-Bouncing Ball!

  1. Dandelion says:

    I got a Waboba ball because I was amazed at the fact that it bounces on water. But truth be told, I was rather disappointed because it wasn’t really easy to play with and those who have not yet played with it for a long time couldn’t enjoy it. It tends to bounce out of control and it’s rather hard to catch. I bought it for my kids, and after only some 15 minutes, they just gave up.

  2. Gilligan says:

    There’s actually a similar product to the Waboba. It’s called Water Ripper. This ball bounces on water, too!

  3. Mordavia says:

    Hi I actually agree with Dandelion. I think that Waboba is really very difficult to play with. Plus it really leaves welts when it hits you.

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