Some Cool Hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and more!

Lifehacker has a new post that features some cool hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and some other hacks you can’t miss.

Are you using Google Spreadsheets as your web-based spreadsheet editor alternative to desktop programs like Excel? If you do, give the “magic” auto-completions a try. To understand what this does, enter “Superman” in the top left cell, and enter “Batman” and “Wonder Woman” in the cells below. Now select all three cells you created. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the bottom right corner of the selection downwards over the other cells. Notice something? Your list is now continued with entries like “spider man”, “x men”, “green lantern”. (Admittedly, not all continuations make sense—”star wars”?—but where would be the fun in magic without surprises.)

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