ow to DIY Arduino HACK – ArduGame – DIY Arduino Game Console!

DIY Arduino HACK - How to make an ArduGame - DIY Arduino Game Console!

Here’s a really cool Arduino hack where the user has hacked up a game console based on Arduino and peripherals like accelerometer.

The ArduGame packs all of the power into a small handheld unit that allows you to make your own simple games. The OLE display is responsible for much of the power since it can store many of the graphical images be stored on a memory card that it can read directly. The current game is a proof of concept that shows this game platform could be fun and flexible to program.

“This system provides infinite possibilities for programming our own games, in fact, we have developed a small game (which you can download the sources for free) which at present has no definite name! All this is fine, but as we were unable to resist, we have also built a small ADXL 2g accelerometer to play with movement! The ball has accelerated and we can choose how we play from the main menu. Quote points accumulated and we will always have a limited time between each level.”

via hackedgadgets

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