RideMaster – Virtual Horseback Riding Trainer!

RideMaster - Virtual Horseback Riding Trainer!

If you are into riding horses, you will not want to miss out on the RideMaster,a virtual reality for horseback riding.  They even got racing-horse simulators and polo simlators for advanced riders.

The £40,000 virtual reality riding machine combines a mechanical horse with a host of electronic sensors and a screen, to recreate the joys of an outdoor ride without the need for mucking out.

The Ridemaster Pro, which is made by Racewood Simulators, is proving a hit with those who live in cities or who want to ride but don’t want to brave the elements.

Designer and company managing director Bill Greenwood said: “Private individuals buy them who don’t have space for a horse in central London.

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2 Responses to RideMaster – Virtual Horseback Riding Trainer!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    I find it difficult to believe that anyone will pay GBP 40,000 just to avoid the elements.

  2. Louise says:

    oh my god wow. But I couldn’t imagine trying this, riding real horses is better I think.

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