Sonic Impact Soundpads turn any wall into a speaker!

Sonic Impact Soundpads turn any wall into a speaker!

Check out these speakers that will turn any wall into a speaker.  Better yet, just build yourself a cheap acrylic-wood box for achieving some bass boost.  (Buy them at ThinkGeek for 50% off regular price)

SoundPads stick-on speakers transfer sound to any surface you stick them on. SoundPads convert posters, bookcases, tables, doors – any thin-walled high-transmission surface into permanent stereo speakers! Sound quality varies depending on the surface you peel and stick them on, so be creative!

These are designed to stick permanently to the location to which they are adhered. A bit of trial and error in choosing where to mount the sound pad is recommended. For example, you might find improved sound quality in one area of a framed picture by sliding the pad on its surface (before peeling to expose the adhesive), so be creative *before* you give these a permanent home…

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  1. SEO Tips says:

    Wow! Awesome concept! I like the idea of building a box for better bass. Imagine your teenagers turning their bedroom doors into speakers though. Psytrance for the whole family…..hahahahah

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