Windows Vista Mojave Experiment

Windows Vista Mojave Experiment

Microsoft is doing an experiment where they tell people about their new “Mojave” operating system and how cool it is.  In the end, MS tells the participants that the “Mojave” OS is actually Windows Vista.

(10/08/2008 UPDATE – Now I have Vista pre-installed on my new Inspiron 1525 $600 Dell laptop, check out what happened on the first day, this is Zedomax Mohave Experiment.)

Oh my gawd, this is the stupidest marketing study ever.  Why would you “lie” to the consumer to make Windows Vista look good?  We all know it doesn’t support 90% of my old computer devices I use and it plain sucks.  Yes, maybe there are couple good points but come on, please wasting our time trying to re-market something that simply sucks.

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  1. Mumra says:

    Some people didn’t make the cut of the final “Mojave Experiment” commercial:

  2. Nicole Price says:

    I could not have put it better than the way you did. Bravo!

  3. Mike says:

    They aren’t “lying” to make Vista look good. They are lying because a bunch of MS-haters have run around talking about how horrible Vista is when it really isn’t. To challenge their preconceived notations, they said it was a new operating system.

    This is actually a very good study on how idiots’ preconceived notations can change their perception of something.

  4. Dale says:

    Okay, obviously, people who are dumb users listen to experts say, “Oh, Vista is horrible”. So they go around thinking that. But, the “Mojave” experiment proves that dumb users like Vista, because they didn’t know it actually was Vista. Yeah, some people are just like, “Nah, Vista sucks”, but apparently the people who say that about the Mojave Experiment who didn’t participate in it, don’t know.

  5. heflys says:

    So you’re saying I should trust some dumb users, who probably call tech support to locate their computers USB port, over computer experts who have thoroughly reviewed and evaluated this “superb”” OS? Never mind that these supposed testimonials hardly go into detail about the experience, or the specs of the computer involved. Or better yet, I should ignore the reviews and spend upwards to $100+ in order to experiment myself, particularly when XP works fine?

    What’ll be even more amusing is if those dumb users purchase Vista, and find that their, more than likely, ancient computers are incapable of working with it. But don’t worry, Microsoft will find someway to force users to upgrade.

  6. Jack says:

    There always has to be one idiot, Heflys ‘YOU’ are that idiot.

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  8. SEO tips says:

    I just dont get it, maybe they are trying to hide behind a bad application. You are right so many programs don’t work on it any more.

  9. Me says:

    Did any of you actually look into VIsta at all? I LOVE Vista, it is amazing if you get past the bias and actually play with it. For those of you with compatibility errors, that is your own fault for not asking for a solution if you couldn’t figure it out yourself. All you have to do is adjust the properties for that program to run on the lastest platform it will support back to Windows 95, all within Vista. So really you can pick and choose the features of each OS that you like best and use them all as well as your antique software that should probably be retired anyway. That to me is pretty amazing. Plus the DreamScene desktops are fantastic.

    I am running Vista Ultimate on all our computers/laptops and even though it is a processor hog and is a bit slow on my son’s older desktop pc, it is still okay. As for a daily use computer…if your computer can’t handle it, it is time to UPGRADE. Keep up with technology and use it to its full potential. Its a whole new world out there!

    Okay I am done 🙂

  10. Mike says:

    Microsoft’s ad campaign is no different than everyone else’s anti-microsoft campaign… they are all trying to show the “good” that comes from their particular OS. And after years of working in the software support aspect of this industry, there is nothing anyone can say or do to prove to me that one OS is better than the other… they ALL have benefits and they ALL have flaws. The purpose of any OS and software developer/manufacturer ad campaign is to enlighten users and allow them to see what “they” have to offer. Don’t like Windows? Fine, take your pick of others. But to bash an OS for no real apparent reason is downright ignorance. Sure I have had my ups and downs with ALL available OS’s, I still don’t go out bashing them.

    I have friends in many fields of work and we all have our choice of systems, based on the industry we each work in. We share our experiences with each OS, both good and bad. And from a non-biased and strictly intellectual standpoint, none of us dare to sing the phrase “my OS is better than yours”, because we know there is no such thing.

    The other thing people must keep in mind is that many errors and issues that users try to pin on an OS is, in fact, a problem developed by an application written for the OS. My take? I use Windows, many versions of them, Apple, and more than my fair share of Linux and all its flavors. Who is the best? They all are. They have their pluses. The work I do on my Windows machine cannot be performed on any of the other OS’s. The graphical work on the Apple is not surpassed by the other OS’s. And Linux, still in its infancy, really, is making great strides with highly comporable applications I am beginning to transition into. Can I do al of my work on a single OS and the applications it offers? Not today, at least. But that is my scenario. And while my work is unique to me and my circumstances prohibit me from sticking to a single OS, this may not be the same for others.

    For those who are able to work with a single OS and are doing so happily… please… show respect to other users who are happy with what they use.

  11. max says:

    Well, Vista still sucks as far as I am concerned, I don’t know any friends who have Vista installed, they ALL install XP over Vista.

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