USB iBuddy – MSN Messenger Alert Lights!



Here’s USB iBuddy, an MSN Messenger alert light basically. It even has wings, just like RedBull.

You can buy it here:

iBuddy at for $20

iBuddy at for $24.95

iBuddy at for $24.95

iBuddy at for £14.95

i-Buddy is specially designed for Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) users. It is a physical representation of your buddy. You can program it to recognize a particular buddy account, and it will response to all messages and status events sent from your buddy.

It is a 3-inches tall figurine connected to the computer using a USB cable. Specially designed in tiny size, so that it does not consume much space while you are at work. It is perfect to put on top of your monitor too.

via gizmodo

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