iWood – iPod Touch/iPhone Wooden Case!

iWood - iPod Touch/iPhone Wooden Case!

For a truly classic look and wooden durability, you might want to consider investing about $125 on one of these iPod Touch/iPhone wooden cases called iWood.

Yes, I Wood Like One now.

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  1. Michael D says:

    There’s other wood iPod cases available too — check out the ones available at Etsy. These feature nice inlays and dovetail construction. They also happen to be almost one third the price!. Not bad for a custom, handcrafted wooden case!

  2. What an awesome case, as there is one thing about the iPhone its fragile with that big screen and the normal cases are so ugly.

  3. peter says:

    I am confused about your comment, the cases you linked to are not cases so much as they are wooded boxes, you can but your phone into. None of the features of the phone can be used while it is in the box and would have to be removed to answer a call, or even see who is calling. Additionally because the box is sealed, it would be really difficult to even hear when the phone is ringing while it is in the box.
    The last and most absurd detail I think you overlooked is the definition of “one third”. One third the price of the minot case would be about $35, at $115 what I think you meant to say is, “this grossly inferior case also happens to be almost as inexpensive!

  4. brandon says:

    hey could you please give me the dementions for this wood case in which you made. I need it prety bad please tell me the details! .Ever truely Brandon

  5. brandon says:

    please respond via email PLEASE!

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