Digitally “Hand-Encode” Music with the Piano Roller!

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watch video here – music_box_set

Here’s a cool Piano Roller that lets you digitally “hand-encode” your music.

This is the ‘big brother’ version of the Music Box Set. It has 20 notes instead of 15, so it can play 2.5 octaves. As a music box, it is quite a bit bigger, at 14.5 x 7 x 2.75cm high.

Again, like the smaller music box, it just plays the white notes, and does not play sharps or flats.

Included is the Music Box, one pre-punched strip which plays Romeo and Juliet, 2 blank strips, and a hole punch, so that you can create your own tunes! The strips are 66 x 7cm.

via bbred ferret

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