Top 10 Weird Radios from Alibaba!

Weird Shower Radios from Alibaba!

Check out this Head and Shoulder’s shower radio.  It’s a really a knockoff as they labeled it “Rejoice” but I am sure this will fool many of your guests who stay over at your place.

The Hand-crank Dynamo Emergency radio is really good for those outdoor camps.

The Puppet radio does look real funky but it might go real well for a modern contemporary bedroom.

I love the Fridge radio, it’s just a classic!


This Golf Radio would make a great gift for any golfer including me.

Cap Radio

This Cap Radio has radio bulit-in so you can listen to music while playing golf or watching baseball at your next home game.


Can Radio will be a great addition to your favorite beverages while providing you with music.


Ah gowwwd, it’s a flower radio.  At least it will go well in your daughter’s room.


Football radio should really be labeled, “soccer ball radio” but we can’t change the world.

The Hook Torch radio is great for mountain-climbing, just don’t use it for the actual climbing part.

Now you can get these radios from a supplier in Alibaba.  You might have to order in bulk to get them though.

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