Portable Build-a-Chair Design by Taiani Vincent

Portable Build-a-Chair Design by Taiani Vincent

Here’s an awesome portable chair design.  At first look, you will notice 3 pieces and wonder, “How is that a chair”?

Now start putting the pieces together in your mind.

Little more…

Almost there…

Wow, look at that, a portable DIY chair in seconds.  Now, if you got a whole stadium of these chairs, it might do some stylish design wonders while keeping your storage cost down over traditional fold-a-chairs.

What amazes me is the simplicity and elegant design of this chair.  If went into production, I think it’d do real good with any kind of material including carboard.  (Heck, why don’t they make these in cardboard, they’d make some awesome re-usable disposable chairs)

via YankoDesign

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One Response to Portable Build-a-Chair Design by Taiani Vincent

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Absolutely stunning design. So simple and yet so elegant and practical. Yes, the next stage is perhaps disposable ones!

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