Jellyfish Mood Lamp Aquarium!

Jellyfish Mood Lamp!


Here’s a cool Mood Lamp Aquarium that can hold real jelly fishes. (This one comes with fake ones though)

I like the fact that you can actually get these sting-beasts in your bedroom without costing you an arm and a leg.

Watch these beautiful and realistic Jellyfish glide around this lamp, as it sets the scene perfectly in your home, or at work. The tank holds three jellyfish, which swim around the tank in the gentle current. At the top of the tank are siz bright coloured LED’s which set the mood! You can set the unit to ether cycle colours, or pause on the colour of your choice!

UK: Buy at gadgetsquick

US: Buy at ThinkGeek

2 Responses to Jellyfish Mood Lamp Aquarium!

  1. Looks like this would be very relaxing. Very, Very Cool

  2. Beth says:

    What maintenance is required on the jellyfish light? If you use the artificial jellyfish that are shipped with the lamp, do you have to replenish the water tank at any time? Also, how long do the lights last and how are they to be replaced? What type of motor, how long would it last, and how do you replace it? I would like to run this lamp all day everyday. Thanks!

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