Solar Powered Golf Cart!

Solar Powered Golf Cart!

I wonder why golf cart manufacturers never thought of a sustainable solar powered golf cart like this in the first place.  The great thing about these solar carts is that they will re-charge themselves most likely during the round of golf so you never really have to re-charge them via a wall-plug.

The Solar Powered Golf Cart.
This is the electric golf cart that has an array of 72 photovoltaic cells built into the roof that collect solar energy, providing up to 33% more range between recharges than non-solar electric golf carts. The carts 160-watt array produces up to three amps per hour for its 48-volt rechargeable battery system, providing a range of up to 49 milesapproximately 10 rounds of golfbefore requiring a full recharge (overnight via its 6′ long AC adapter; 15 hours via its solar array). The array also extends the life of the battery system by 60% more than other electric golf carts. Its 5 1/2-hp electric motor and 19-spline rear axle provides a maximum speed of 24 MPH and is powerful enough to enable the cart to climb a 28° incline when fully l oaded with two passengers and golf bags, supporting up to 755 lbs.

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  1. Jo says:

    Where can I get one of these solar paneled golf carts?

  2. Miguel says:

    Electric Golf Cart can be a very rewarding and relaxing way to ride around in. I like the Electric Golf Cart pictures and good info. keep it up.

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