Human Powered Mobile River Gyms for New York!

Human Powered Mobile River Gyms for New York!

Here’s a really cool mobile gym concept that might actually be a good idea for most metropolitan cities with rivers.    It’s a human-powered mobile river gym, all powered by people exercising in it.

What if you took every single calorie generated by people working out in New York City and put it to use like this?

You’d probably have a really great public transportation, just watch out for sweaty balls.

The River Gyms are, in essence, floating gyms designed to provide health amenities while floating along the Hudson and East rivers. Each gym is programed with a specific path set on a 15 minute loop moving from one point to the next. This means that each one of these devices can function both as a gym with a view and as a transportation system.

The design won the third place in New York Magazine’s 2005 Create a Gym competition, and it is certainly easy to see the appeal of one of these. Obviously, while the design proposal was specific for New York, pretty much any city with access to a river could be filled with these gyms.

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