Batman Tumbler Pics and Video!

Here’s some great pics guys over at Techeblog took of Batman Tumbler at a Dark Knight screening.

Here’s a video of the Batman Tumbler against a Formula F1 race car:

six vehicles were built: four full-sized vehicles for exterior shots, one hydraulics-equipped model, and a 1/3-scale radio-controlled version for wide shots. In person, the Tumbler is quite massive to say the least. The full-sized version, pictured above, had a functional engine (V8?), along with suspension.

via techeblog

3 Responses to Batman Tumbler Pics and Video!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Absolutely mind blowing. What a colossus!

  2. That is so awesome I want one really bad, I wonder how the motorcycle drove? Look interesting.

  3. Michael G says:

    You might wanna take a look in the google 3d warehouse for google sketchup. Some great models there!

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