Topsy Turvy Hanging Tomato Grower!

With our society calling out for more organic stuff, with some people even operating a home-farm, the Topsy Turvy hanging tomato grower lets you grow fresh, organic tomatoes in your apartment/house without taking up much space.

At $19.95, I’d get a bunch of these and start growing some fresh tomatoes for my ultimate spaghetti dish.

When the Topsy Turvy™ planter is used, the tomato plant is planted in a planter that is suspended in the air, instead of in the ground. Because the plant is in the air, and will never touch the ground, staking, caging, bacteria, ground rotting, fungus and small animals are all problems of the past. In addition, you get to do all of the necessary work while standing up instead of bending over – sucker and trim with scissors, water and fertilize through a built in top funnel, and harvest tomatoes at chest height. There are also no holes that have to be dug to plant, and weeding is all together eliminated.

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