DIY Chumby HACK – How to hack a 640×480 VGA LCD onto a Chumby!

Chumby HACK - How to hack a 640x480 VGA LCD onto a Chumby!

Here’s a really cool Chumby hack that will allow you to use a bigger 640×480 pixel LCD on your favorite little gadget.

Chumby is different; it is open source, and designed to be hacked. For example, the serial port is spelled out on the silkscreen for you and there’s a backdoor to enable sshd, so it’s not big deal to bring up the console. Because of its hackability, you are enabled to do significant modifications due to the availability of all levels of design documentation—hardware, drivers, and application software. While it would be an enormous task to, for example, open up a Zune and put a larger screen on it, here, in this post, I will show you how to hack a chumby to have a larger, higher-resolution screen without too much effort. The native chumby screen is a 3.5” QVGA (320×240) display, but after you complete this hack, you will be treated to a 5.7” VGA (640×480) display.

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