Best Posts of This Week!

Here’s the best posts of this week in case you missed it:

  1. Bush Toilet Paper is a must for any Bush-lover.
  2. Shocking pen and Finger Nose Trimmers are must for pranks.
  3. DIY Canoe made from what?  PVC pipe and duct tape!?!
  4. Now is the time to protect yourself with a Stun Gun in your pocket at all times.  Of course, you can get the Tampon Stun Gun for style too.
  5. Becoming a spy is now easier with the Hidden Camera and Spy Sunglasses.
  6. Don’t forget the Chinese guy who made his own DIY Submarine.
  7. Learn to hack an Eee PC here.
  8. Steampunk Tennis Racket, Steampunk Cufflinks, and Steampunk Mouse can make you a real Steampunkoholic.
  9. Don’t forget the totally useless and crappy folders for your next important company meeting!
  10. Of course, the USB Stealth switch is a must for goofing off at work.
  11. Who said smoking can’t be fun?
  12. Barcode Doormats to fill your geekyness.
  13. Oh no!  It’s a RING MOUSE!
  14. Wilderness Survival 101 – How to make fire.
  15. Last but not least, a Beer Can Holder is stupid and innovative.

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