Control Your House with an iPhone using INSTEON Central Controller!

Control Your House with an iPhone using INSTEON Central Controller!

If you are thinking about controlling electronics in your house via wireless LAN and ethernet, this INSTEON Central Controller might the perfect product as it has also been designed to work with most PDA phones including the iPhone.   For a limited time, the is also giving out a free iPod Touch so get them now if you need one.

INSTEON Central Controller is an affordable and flexible central controller perfect for enhancing any INSTEON home automation network. NetLinc integrates INSTEON technology with any web-enabled mobile device through Wi-Fi and cellular communication, allowing you to control or create timers for INSTEON devices or scenes from inside your home, in the backyard, at work, in the car or on vacation halfway around the world! Whether you are a DIYer, an electrician, or a home automation integrator, you will enjoy the ease with which programming and discovering of INSTEON devices is accomplished. A simple plug-in installation sets up in minutes and will allow a web-enabled phone or PDA to control your INSTEON network from almost anywhere. NetLinc has been designed for optimal use with an iPhone or iPod Touch as a mobile touch screen; however, there are customizable user-downloadable server applications that provide a flexible interface for any web-enabled device. As and added feature, NetLinc includes IP camera support, giving you the versatility to incorporate watching and controlling your IP enabled surveillance cameras through you web-enabled interface. NetLinc puts the power of managing your entire INSTEON home automation network in the palm of your hands.

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5 Responses to Control Your House with an iPhone using INSTEON Central Controller!

  1. Netlinc says:

    My experience is that the netlinc is easy but lacks the features of the ISY-99 or software solutions. I’d be interested to hear what other readers favorite software packages for home automation are…

    What’s your favorite package? Misterhome? Girder?

  2. Stair Gates says:

    how much is it?

  3. Bill Clinton says:

    I hate web pages with pop ups.

    I'll never be back.

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