The Ultimate Spy Hidden Camera Disguise!



This $479 disguised Spy Hidden Camera can be an Air Purifier, Alarm Clock, Ionizer, Mantle Clock, DVD Player, Boom Box, Motion Detector, Portable CD Player, VCR, Wall Clock, Calculator, or even an Lantern Style Clock.

For the ultimate spy hidden camera, you will need to get one of these for sure.

Older style hidden cameras transmit your images all over the neighborhood!

The self contained Hidden Clock Radio (digital video recorder) is completely self contained, totally secure, and easy to use. It’s a standard “cube type” clock radio, but hidden inside is a B&W low light or COLOR/BW – high resolution camera and motion activated DVR!

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  1. Dog Blog says:

    When I see these types of clocks and gadgets I can’t help but wonder how many I have walked by and never known were a camera.

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