Remote Controlled Fart Machine!

Remote Controlled Fart Machine!

I usually fart enough that I don’t need this machine to scare off my family members but with the Remote Controlled Fart Machine, you can guarantee someone is always farting during dinner.

Embarrass your boss, friends, and family! Press the remote button and set off one of 15 different fart sounds from up to 100 feet away! This is the greatest gag gift ever made – just hide the 3″ battery powered speaker on or near the vicinity of someone, press the remote button that is small enough to keep in your pocket, and watch the embarrassment begin! Requires 9v battery not included.

via thefartmachine

One Response to Remote Controlled Fart Machine!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Can’t wait to use it the next time my Mother In Law comes!

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