DIY Homemade Submarine made from Metal Barrels!

DIY Homemade Submarine by a Chinese Person!

Remember they Chinese guy who made the helicopter? Well, here’s another Chinese guy who made a freakin’ submarine out of old metal barrels.

Talk about eco-friendly, this submarine probably is the most green submarine ever made.

Way cool huh?

I am gonna go make mine too now and start a new business.

Tao Xiangli made the 1.6 tonnes submarine mostly from metal barrels and improvised parts by hand, reports Zhong’an Online.

“Metal barrels are possibly the best material for me because of their low cost,” said Tao, a migrant worker in Beijing.

The 20ft submarine is cramped inside with room for only one person but it features pressure metres, monitoring cameras, a TV set, oxygen supply and headlights.

via ananova

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