Solar Shower gives you Hot Showers Outdoors!

Solar Shower gives you Hot Showers Outdoors!

Here’s a cool solar shower that will give you a nice hot shower outdoors.  Of course, this might be kinda stupid if the weather is over 100 degrees but anytime else, it’s a great way to re-use that sun power for cleansing all that chlorine after swimming.

This outdoor shower harnesses the suns energy to warm water from a garden hose to a soothing 86° F, providing a refreshing cascade of water for rinsing off chlorine, sunscreen, or dirt. The showers base acts as a greenhouse to heat hose water; sunlight penetrates the transparent lid and the trapped solar radiation heats the water as it courses through the internal collection tube. It produces 16 gallons of warm water after two hours of sunlight exposure, allowing up to 8 consecutive two-minute showers.

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