Paintball Shotgun!

Paintball Shotgun!

Here’s a fun way to shoot at your friends with the Paintball Shotgun.  Of course, this thing isn’t relaly all that powerful than a paintball gun but it looks cool.

We want you to proceed with great caution when handling this equipment: it unleashes fire-power of indescribable proportions and is, by far, the most powerful of all the patriot paintball products. It is all because of the Paintball Shotgun’s capacity to hold 20 paintballs and fire them at a range of over 60 feet. We will now demonstrate: load your bio-degradable paintballs into the firearm’s magazine. Lock into place and hold the Paintball Shotgun with both hands.

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4 Responses to Paintball Shotgun!

  1. Eva White says:

    Looks really cool. Is it as painful as a regular paintball shot gun?

  2. andjoe says:

    No, it’s not really powerful and the balls don’t always break on impact – even with a solid surface if at range.

  3. That marker looks pretty interesting. I read that its “magazine” holds 20 paintballs – any idea where? It doesn’t look like it has a typical feedneck for a hopper or 10 round tubes. Also, does it use 12 gram CO2 cartridges to fire? Is there a place to screw one into the bottom of the trigger frame?

    Overall, it looks pretty cool – it’d be neat to see a video of it shooting!

  4. carter says:

    looks cool has anyone seen a real paintball shotgun u no like one that fires multiple 6mm paintballs cuz that be really cool

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