Secure USB Flash Drives!

Secure USB Flash Drives!

If you are thinking about getting a “secure” USB flash drive to protect your data, consider Nexcopy’s USB Secure USB Flash Drives.

Nexcopy offers the TrusCont Secure Flash Drive which are high capacity, high performance USB flash drives with enhanced functionality such as USB copy protection and full digital rights management. The TSFD offers a level of control and functionality at the end-user level which has never been seen before.

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  1. Greg Morris says:

    Thanks Zodemax for the post – the Secure Flash Drive also has some additional qualities that are VERY unique. For example, the drive can be configured to include a USB CD-ROM partition with an Open partition to read/write OR you may configure the drive to include a USB Read Only partition with open partition, or finally you may configure the drive to be a USB dongle where there entire drive is Read Only.

    These three features are configured by YOU the end-user. Never before has this type of USB drive been available. Typically those characteristics are done at the manufacturing plant – now you can do it.

    Thanks – Nexcopy.

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