Steampunk? Steel Watch Ring!

Steel Watch Ring!

Here’s a really cool steel watch ring you can wear.  I am not sure if the watch itself is just for looks or it works but it’s a really cool watch ring indeed.

17 Jewels Antique Steel Watch Part with TONS of Detail and natural rubies Adjustable Ring

It has an antique steel watch part showing the detailed inner parts of the watch and all of those red stones are natural RUBIES with an oval shape. It is approx. 3/4 inch across.

The ring is an adjustable one, that starts at size 6 and can increase from there. I am a size 5 3/4 ring finger and it fits nicely on me before extending out.

via ringoblog

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  1. Jordan says:

    NATURAL RUBIES MY ASS!!!!!! those are simulated sapphires, they’re used in watches because they make good barring’s for all the moving parts.

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