Magnetic Wristband is a Do It Yourselfer Watch!

Magnetic Wristband!

Okay, here’s definitely a must-get wrist gadget when you are working around your house, a magnetic wristband that can hold screws, nuts, bolts, and anything small and metal.

Handyman’s Helper is for you. The ridiculously strong magnet in this “magwear” holds onto hardware, small tools and other metallic objects…it’s so strong you can actually pile the hardware on in layers. Perfect for working on ladders, in crawlspaces, hanging pictures, under cars, or in any situation where you don’t want to loose your stuff.

via fosfor

Other places you can get the magnetic wristband

Magnetic wristband over at Sportys – $21.95

MagnoGrip at ThinkGeek – $14.99

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