Belkin Laptop Cooler/Mat

Belkin Laptop Cooler/Mat

Belkin introduces their new laptop cooler/mat.  The design does seem to make sense as the center of the laptop has some space for cooling of the laptop.

Belkin International, Inc., announces four new products to round out its laptop accessories offering. Belkin’s new CushTop Hideaway protects your lap from a hot computer and conveniently stores your laptop when you are finished. The Laptop Cooling Hub keeps your laptop cool and gives you four extra USB ports to connect devices like an external hard drive, mouse, and webcam. With an adjustable-height mechanism and a wider footprint, the Cooling Lounge makes for a more comfortable computing experience on your lap. The simple design of the CoolStrip lifts your laptop, allowing it to breathe while also managing your power cord.

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  1. PPC says:

    This is an ideal accessory, especially for an older laptop. Most of them run way too hot, I have personal experience with my laptop, as well as a couple of friends that had to make plans to cool their laptops with external fans. This Belkin laptop cooler definitely looks a lot better than our externally rigged fans and stilts to promote better air circulation and cooling.

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