Wii Keyboard for Nintendo Wii!

Wii Keyboard for Nintendo Wii!

Now, you can type on your Nintendo Wii with the Wii Keyboard.  How cool is that?

Heck, they should just stuff a whole PC in the Wii and we won’t need computers anymore.

You can pre-order a Nintendo Wii Keyboard here at Amazon.

via engadget

3 Responses to Wii Keyboard for Nintendo Wii!

  1. Michael says:

    That is pretty awesome. I don’t know how much I would actually use this keyboard for my Wii, but seems like a great idea.

  2. JaNelle says:

    How do I answer emails on my wii with my keyboard? I can type website addresses by can’t see to do email. Any suggestions?

  3. Wiifan:) says:

    if you have the internet channel you can use facebook email and anything really, but i couldn’t send anything on facebook, so i thought the Wii had a keyboard that is soooo cool i love it!

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